I love shopping!

I love a bit of shopping, its what I do and you may be excused for thinking that a lady has wrote this article but I would just like to point out that I am a man and I have no shame in the fact that I could spend all day walking around the shops, I don’t even need to buy anything, I just like to look, I love it, I love the smell of new clothes and I cant help myself when it comes to a new pair of shoes. So you all know I own a few websites, one of them is the world famous Dior London Escorts, which is an agency that I set up about 3 years ago. I set this agency up because I wanted an escort agency that I would use, I wanted to set up a company that people could trust that that they would want to return to time and again,. The service that is offered at Dior Escorts is second to none, the choice of ladies is mind blowing and you are safe in the knowledge that each of the beautiful London escorts have been meet and verified by myself, now that is a stamp of approval.

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So when it comes to shopping there are certain things that I really do like, of course men’s shoes it at the top of the list. When it comes to men’s shoes I do love a Gucci loafer, the horse bite loafers have been around for years and still look as good today as the very first day that they were released. Gucci loafers are my favorites so its only correct that I own a number of these pairs of shoes, I have ever type of colour and material you could imagine. Brown leather, brown sude, black leather, black suede, blue, navy, cream etc etc etc. You can wear them as every day shows or you can wear them as evening shoes, whatever way you choose to wear them you are going to look good.

I also have a new found liking for Zara, years ago I would have never entertained the idea of wearing it but I have got to admit that I was wrong, Zara is by far one of the best buys, I was going to say in the High Street, but I wouldn’t be doing it justice, Zara has spread its wings and is really flying high up there with the big names in fashion.