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New Year Feeling

Does the new year feel like a time of rebirth to you, the way it should? Do you feel as if you’re sloughing off a chrysalis and emerging as a beautiful, luminescent butterfly with gossamer wings and a hopeful heart? Maybe, maybe not. In truth, it’s impossible to sustain the feeling of optimistic newness and sometimes we find that it can be melting away, no matter how hard we try to retain it, as early as the second week of January. But there’s a way to keep it going. Gay massage London is among the very best the world has to offer, and it’s more than just an hour (or 90 minutes) of pure pleasure. Its benefits extend into the days and weeks that follow so that you feel renewed for far longer. If you make the decision to go once a month, you can have that January 1st feeling all year long, because that’s exactly what it will feel like. You’ll experience relaxation so deep and so real, you’ll feel weightless and worry-free. Your cluttered mind will be swept clear of anxiety and niggling stress and the world will be yours to take on.


One of our best masseurs Elliott

Gay massage in London is certainly plentiful, but it pays to give your custom to a reputable agency. With us, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your requirements – someone who will understand the aches and strains you’re experiencing and know just how to get rid of them. In as little as sixty minutes, you’ll be elevated to a place of luxurious enjoyment, so good you’ll wonder if it’s really happening. But it is. And it’s happening to you. Every month, as you accumulate psychological and spiritual detritus, your talented therapist will treat you inside and out, making sure you leave the building in vastly improved condition. It’ll be like having the reset buttons pressed every thirty days, bringing you back to a place of top performance. Your sleep, your attention span, your powers of concentration – all these and more will be enhanced.

Just think – by January 31st, as the festivities seem a distant memory and you’re getting caught up in the mania of living, you’ll have a special way of bringing yourself back to that hopeful state in which you began the year. All it takes is a simple telephone call to get things started and you can ensure yourself 2017 characterised by achievement and emotional/physical good health.

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Are Dubai escorts the best in the world?

Things are hotting up in Dubai. The weather in the UK is already warm, so imagine how lovely it’s going to be over there? If you’re already in Dubai you’ll be experiencing it first-hand of course, and what you’re more than likely interested in are the Dubai escorts on offer. Well, read on…

Dubai could indeed be considered as having the best courtesans in the world when you consider the wealth of the place. Just this fact alone can tell even those with the most basic level of intelligence that some of the greatest escorts on the planet will be escorting there. Where else would professional courtesans go to get the best clients and lots of work?

Dubai escorts on holiday

The best thing about being an elite escort is that you know when you go abroad to certain places, you already have clients that are going to want to see you. It’s one of the perks in our modern escorting age that has been made easier, not least importantly due to the internet! Being part of a good agency that does an excellent job of the promotion and representation also helps enormously of course. Now when an escort wants to go to another country she can simply inform her agency and leave the rest to them.

Escorting to pay for a holiday overseas is becoming very popular with Dubai escorts. Dubai has a wonderfully prestigious feel about it. It’s both luxurious and affluent, yet mysterious and enticing in ways you can’t quite put your finger on.

Dubai escorts who like to have fun

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, to be in Dubai can be a little restrictive. We won’t go into the ins and outs of Middle East culture, but suffice to say, you should respect it as much as possible. However, the gorgeous young ladies of the night you see in our gallery are very capable of sidestepping many of the rules, so to speak. They understand, as well as any businessman who works hard all day, that sometimes the rules need to bend in order to thoroughly unwind.

Try the hotels

One of the best places to unwind is your hotel. The bars and restaurants in some of the finest hotels in Dubai are very forgiving to foreign visitors and in most cases it’s business as usual. You’ll be able to entertain your companion, have some cocktails and kick back for the night and get yourself good and merry!

  • JW Marriot Marquis – You could be sitting on top of the world at this place! This is officially the tallest hotel in the world, standing at 1,164ft in the sky! The views from the rooms on the top floors really are spectacular. The hotel’s location is pretty much right in between old and new Dubai and access to the city is excellent for those staying on business or on holiday. As far as eating is concerned, why not take one of the gorgeous Dubai escorts for a steak dinner on the 68th floor restaurant; it has some excellent reviews and the service is wonderful.
  • The Intercontinental Festival City Hotel – Intercontinental has a good name worldwide of course, and this is one of a number of hotels that offer a wide selection of rooms for various prices. You can get a very good room for around £100 if you’re on a bit of a budget. The food on offer is also very varied, but we would like to personally recommend the seafood here.

But first things first of course. Book one of the best escort in the world From Park Lane Escorts

I love shopping!

I love a bit of shopping, it’s what I do and you may be excused for thinking that a lady has written this article but I would just like to point out that I am a man and I have no shame in the fact that I could spend all day walking around the London shops.

a panorama of London High Street.

London High Street

I don’t even need to buy anything, I just like to look, I love it, I love the smell of new clothes and I can’t help myself when it comes to a new pair of shoes.

London is for Shopping Lovers

So you all know I own a few websites, one of them is the world famous Dior Escorts, which is an agency that I set up about 3 years ago.

The banner image from the famous Dior Escorts.

Dior Escorts, London Escort Agency

I set this London Escort Agency up because I wanted an escort agency that I would use, I wanted to set up a company that people could trust that they would want to return to time and again.

The service that is offered at Dior Escorts is second to none, the choice of ladies is mind blowing and you are safe in the knowledge that each of the beautiful London escorts has been meeting and verified by myself, now that is a stamp of approval.

A  London escort

Escort in London, Dior Escorts

So when it comes to shopping there are certain things that I really do like, of course, men’s shoes it at the top of the list. When it comes to men’s shoes I do love a Gucci loafer, the horse bit loafers have been around for years and still look as good today as the very first day that they were released.

OMG Gucci Loafers

Gucci loafers are my favourites so it is only correct that I own a number of these pairs of shoes, I have ever type of colour and material you could imagine.

A photograph taken of Gucci Loafers.

Gucci Loafers

Brown leather, brown suede, black leather, black suede, blue, navy, cream etc etc etc. You can wear them as everyday shoes or you can wear them as evening shoes, whatever way you choose to wear them you are going to look good.

A photograph of the designer clothes store Zara in London.

Zara, Oxford Street, London

I also have a new found liking for Zara, years ago I would have never entertained the idea of wearing it but I have got to admit that I was wrong, Zara is by far one of the best buys, I was going to stay in the High Street, but I wouldn’t be doing it justice,

Zara has spread its wings and is really flying high up there with the big names in fashion.